Our Downtown Business Improvement Area (DBIA) recently held a contest to give away a free downtown storefront for a year. As part of the winning package Mili Mezei of The Canadian Lease Abstractor offered her services to help the winning contestant to understand the commercial lease they were about to sign.
Mili went above and beyond what we ever hoped for as she not only showed and immense understanding of commercial leases but she also was a huge support in negotiating better terms for our winning contestant. Her vast experience in real estate was showcased as we went back and forth with landlords on a few properties.
Mili made sure she was always available night and day and we never had any trouble getting a hold of her or getting the quick support when needed. Her professionalism and knowledge was a great source of both comfort and calm for our winning entrepreneur.
At a fraction of the cost of a lawyer I believe The Canadian Lease Abstractor is a very affordable and competent choice or option for anyone who requires help in understanding the complexities of a commercial lease, and further to know what kind of questions need to be asked and what sort of protections need to be in place.

Terry Guiel

Executive Director, Peterborough Downtown Business Improvement Area (DBIA)

Mili was amazing a true asset; her service was timely and on budget. Being new to such an industry she helped me review leases of current tenants to find potential issues in the near future arising from loopholes caused by amendments and assisted in revising a current lease so that it was flexible with future tenants moving in.

She is now apart of our risk assessment tool in evaluating new or renewing tenant leases.

Kelly Rumble

President of Rumble Energy Inc. & Vice President of Strathcona Energy Group Inc., Strathcona Energy Group Inc.

Mili at Canadian Lease Abstractor takes all of the confusion out of the legalize of a commercial lease. She will put into layman’s language, documents that most people cannot understand, protecting your rights as a tenant. She is passionate about her work and she will do what is right for her clients.
Sharon Ireland

Advisor, Ireland Financial Solutions

As a mortgage broker, I see many benefits to lease abstraction for my clients.  Mili simplifies in layman’s term all

business, financial and legal obligations, whether they are purchasing, refinancing, renewing or selling a property.   She

makes something quite complicated, straightforward.  That’s valuable.  Terms are laid out in plain English, in writing

and we can reference those points for clients and provide a written record as to what is being signed.

David Flude

Broker of Record, Verico, The Mortgage Station

I contacted Mili recently too go over my new lease with me as I am moving my business to a new larger location. Since

Mili understood that it I was rushed and needed the new space fast she met with me the day that I contacted her. We

spent time breaking down the lease and making sure that I had everything that I didn’t notice in order before I signed.


Anyone that is signing a commercial lease or lease of any kind I highly recommend hiring Mili to give her expert advice

to ensure you are covered.  You may read a lease a few times in a lifetime and she reads them everyday. It makes sense

to take a lease to an expert for a second opinion before you make a big commitment.


Mike Doherty

Owner, Dohjo Muay Thai & Fitness

Thank you for taking the time with us the other day, our experience with you opened up a better understanding of our lease.

We feel that having you in our corner gives us a much better chance to deal with our landlord and the many issues that we are facing in order to move our business forward.

We would highly recommend your services to other clients.

In hindsight we now understand the importance of a professional re

Deanna and Colin Hall

Owners, Pastry Peddler

Thank you, Mili, for immediately arranging to meet us and answer our questions in a time-sensitive situation. Your

expert advice was informative and necessary during negotiations for a commercial property. You helped us look at

issues and contingencies that we would not have thought of otherwise. We wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone

looking to rent commercial property in the Peterborough area.

Stephen Perras and Jennifer Kim

School Teachers and Entrepreneurs

There is a massive number of commercial lease signing, renewals and terminations annually in the Peterborough area and nationwide.  Commercial leasing is very different than a residential lease and many individuals (both landlords and tenants) are not familiar and all the clauses and terms.  The knowledge gap is not a problem at first, but leased to problems down the road when there is a problem  – needing to terminate early, confusion over maintenance responsibilities such as snow removal or repairs, or what happens if the building ownership changes.  Landlords often purchase a commercial building and inherit a wide array of individual, non-standardized leases.
The option for assistance in translating these complex legal documents if often only law firms which can often be expensive and intimidating.
 I do believe the Mili is the right entrepreneur for the business.  Her background as a commercial Realtor AND as a Paralegal gives her insight, experience and a unique tool box.
Jamey Coughlin

Business Development Lead, The Peterborough Economic Development Business Advisory Centre

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