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The Canadian Lease Abstractor provides a solution to make life easier for participants in Commercial Real Estate (CRE). 

We help clients position themselves with an advantage when dealing with leases.

We identify the risks and benefits to clients to minimize their risk exposure and maximize their strategy.

We help clients save TIME by providing a user-friendly and abridged analytical report that allows end users to locate frequently referenced fundamental items in the lease without needing to continually go through the entire document. 

We provide an abstract, an essential decision-making tool that highlights and references any unusual provisions, financial obligations, significant dates or other issues of importance.

We allow users to better manage a portfolio of leases. 

We organize your lease data, which is a crucial benefit when leases contain many amendments, when landlords or tenants hold sizeable lease assets, or when dealing with a variety of lease formats. 

The Canadian Lease Abstractor provides a solution to make life easier for real estate professionals working with commercial leases.

Let us manage your leases to help you make more strategic portfolio decisions, reduce costs and identify opportunities to renegotiate.

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We Abstract When...


  • Commercial leases are large & cumbersome;
  • When it serves to organize lease data;
  • When leases contain many amendments;
  • When landlords or tenants hold sizeable assets;
  • When you deal with a variety of lease formats.

Why Abstract?


  • Its a simplified reference point for administering the lease;
  • It uncovers leases that are loaded with rent concessions in exchange for upfront higher rents;
  • It uncovers loss of money hidden in these rent concessions;
  • It uncovers any anomalies that may exist in the lease;
  • And it saves time.

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